Maria, the Greek model, I became friends with on my transit flight from Mumbai to Delhi in January 2014, told me that in Creta, where she is from, they use a lot of Turkish words in their daily language due to the Turkish influence on the islanders in the past. Among those words, Vegera was a popular one. I told her I had never heard of such a word before and asked her what it meant. In her thick Cretan accent, Maria said, " When people sit together all night, talk , dance, eat and drink, sing songs, until the dawn. When they have a good time together around a table, that's when we say we make vegera." There are certain words in almost every language that echoes the culture, traditions and history more than anything. You can almost visualize the word in action in that culture- if you know it well. Since that time, I decided that's what my blog should be named after: "Vegera." It brings as much happiness to me as the word Keyf-i Alem ! Even though my blog's initial name Entry Level Philly and its objectives will continue to resonate throughout my entries, I believe that Vegera is more appropriate for the way I live my life- at least at this point in my life. So, this blog will be about anything from restaurants and bars I visit across the world, especially in Philadelphia to my travels across the world and life adventures- which somehow make up a lot of crazy stories in my life and to Brand stories, aka advertising.

However, more than anything, and especially recently, I have been writing a lot more about branding and advertising. A print ad, a video, an inspiring story about a brand or a company. I write about those stories that inspire me and provoke me to think deeper into the matter.  It is because I find the ad world absolutely fascinating, with lots of imagination and creativity but also strategic thinking. It is like watching a sci-fi show. I'm an aspiring advertising professional and more specifically an account planner. So in Vegera, you'll find plenty of ad related posts.

Lastly, who is the author of Vegera? She's originally from Istanbul, Turkey- trying to figure out where on earth she wants to travel next.Currently, In Philly, working as a communications specialist for a small medical supply company, located outside the city. I work with people-mainly athletes with disabilities. You'll also probably see some inspiring stories from my work life, as you read this blog. When busy saving up money for traveling/ or concerts, i.e. busy with stressful work life, I like observing people, their behavior, interactions with others and drinking wine.This should be enough info on the author now. You'll probably find out more as you continue to read my entries... There will be a lot of personal opinions, feelings and emotions articulated.. Hope you stay long to make vegera with me .. Ciao.

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Female ad students often ask me whether it’s possible to succeed both in advertising and in parenthood. I always answer the question by talking about these two women:

Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin spent 13 years as co-creative directors of Ogilvy Toronto. They were pioneers in Dove’s Campaign…

My next book after finishing Truths, Lies and Advertising..

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    Female ad students often ask me whether it’s possible to succeed both in advertising and in parenthood. I always answer...
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    My next book after finishing Truths, Lies and Advertising..
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